9.December…UN’s International Anti-Corruption Day

When I came to office at 8.15 a.m., I usually pick up a newspaper at newspaper box which was installed next to entrance of my office. I’ve noticed an article of Phnom Penh Post written about 5 firms signed to Anti Corruption Unit. I felt “wow”. It is a good move toward anti-corruption.

My Australian colleague who have just sent a e-newsletter to members of our organization, said that today we should have something special to post on our pages both Twitter and Facebook. I looked at her with a curious face and inquired her “is there any remarkable events for today?”. She shaked her head and ask me to take a look at Twitter. It was written ” Today is the UN’s International Anti-Corruption Day! We can ALL do our part to help create a fairer society”.

Corruption happens everywhere. According to corruption index which was published by Transparency International, there is no corruption free country on earth. However, some countries was performing better that could reach the maximum standard. For instance, Denmark , New Zealand peak up for almost the the maximum standard. They both got 92 and 90. It is about reach 100 the best score.

Looking to Cambodia, I’ve seen a very slow progress to deal with corruptions issue in Cambodia. However, the Anti-Corruption Unit was established, Anti-Corruption law was adopted and the Transparency International Cambodia(ITC) who fight against corruption was established too. It is a light to fight with uniform thief. Previously we were in darkness of corruption. Time and actions had taken against this social cancer given a slight light of solution.

I have a dream and my dream is to see Cambodia is corruption free country.


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