Review: How to Stop Worrying and Start Living(by Dale Carnergie)

Inspiring girlfriend
Inspiring girlfriend

“Every books I have read is related to my personality”.

It was very coincident of having this book with me. A moment I walked on the aisle of bookshelf, its big title caught my eyes. I stopped for a while to scan through it. Afterwards, I was reading the name of author. It was written ” Dale Carnegie”. I was familiar with his name previously, since my friend bought his book from Indonesia and suggested everyone should own it. Then I decided to buy it. I bought the original one too, and the price is cheaper than my friend’s book. Hahaha, he was jealous me a lot, but it was his privilege to own before everyone.

Linking to the previous article, I have mentioned that I was in depression when my first love has been rejected. I am not going to detail how we both break up. During the depression, I always brought this book “How to stop worrying and start living” with me everyday and everywhere.

In this article, I supposed that the terms “Depression” and “Worry” were close to each other. However, psychologically, these two are completely different. Somehow, they are inter-related.

I read every single page thoroughly. Every single words and antidotes in this book has blown me away. The more I pay much attention to his descriptions, I more my depression has been fade out.

The author of this book, Mr. Dale Carnergies mentioned book that his book did not provide any new rules to stop worrying. He gave simple advises which everyone knows it but never practice it.

In his books “How to stop worrying and start living”, Dale Carnergie provided a guideline to get most out of this book. I would not describe it. I want you to discover by yourself. It is worthy.

From one chapter to one chapter, I’ve found simple ways to stop worrying or depression. If the chapter is not applicable to me, I’ve just scanned through it. Almost all chapter is applicable to me. It provides tricks which i can see myself from apart from the problems. It is called “solution”.​ This rule is called “If you have a lemon, make a lemonade”.

Applying this rule, I have turn the breaking up of relationship into an inspiring tool. During that time i have spent a lot time for reading, reading reading and buying books. When I spent time reading, even in a very depressed situation, sooner that feeling faded away.

“Keep myself busy” is a very easy rule to apply. It is effective to reduce worry. When you keep yourself busy, you have no time to think useless issues. I believe in it. That is why I tried to make some appointments with my friend to have a talk. I went to bookstore. I went jogging. I was reading book. I was cooking etc. I was writing or blogging. Those activities really helped me to forget I what i was worried about.

“Write down what makes you worry” is little bit hard for those who does not like writing. This way will help you to realize what make you worry.

“Tell your worries to God” It is a little religious. But I believe in it. When you tell your worry to the one your trust and tell it out loud, you will find yourself heal. I usually go to pagoda. I bring flowers, incenses, candles to dedicate to Buddha. I told my story to Buddha. I did not think he could hear what i was telling him, but I feel relief. That is it.

There are many great theories left. These four rules are applicable to me and help me a lot.

I’ve shared you how this book benefit to me. It is a highly recommended book. Form your habit of reading now. It might not be useful when you are reading, but in the future, it exactly be helpful.

“Tension is a habit. Relaxing is a habit. And bad habit can be broken, good habits formed”



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