Talk the talk: better communications needed at slated mine

CRRT Online

Mining is about a lot more than digging up metals and earth – it’s something that can affect people’s lives and livelihoods.

So when a mining company begins any kind of activity in or near an existing community, effective communication between the groups is critical.

That lesson was made clear in Rattanakiri last week when Ministry of Mines and Energy officials conducted inspections of a number of gold mines.

CRRT director Natacha Kim was invited as an observer to the visits, led by Secretary of State Meng Saktheara.

At the Angkor Gold-Mesco Gold exploration site in O’Yadaw district, the group found that local villagers held significant concerns over the slated mine, which is currently in the environmental impact assessment stage.

Ms Kim said several villagers expressed worry about the mine’s potential reach, which will have a surface area of 50 hectares (0.5sq km) but extend underground for 12 sq km.

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