Susan and Grumpy Man

Where the article quoted from.
Where the article quoted from.

The case studies of STARBUCKS always touch my heart. This is a way that Starbucks’ staff treat their costumers.

[….] When staff members execute detail consistently they are often rewarded by unexpected appreciation from costumer.

Barista Susan is about moving to another store. While working at the old store, Susan had made a commitment to try  to get a particular customer who could be best describe as a grumpy guy to smile.

It might seem like a little things, but to Susan it was important. Susan said ” I don’t know what is going on with that man’s life, but I am going to make him happy”.

Susan would always connect and have a smile on her face, but he never smile or showed any joy in response to her efforts.

On the day that Susan leaving her old store, that man heard that it was her last day. He came back before her shift was over and brought her flowers and card.

The words on the card was so touching “I just want you to know how much it’s meant for me to come into your store everyday. I want you to know that i came in here specifically to see your smile and you made a difference in my life”.

Michelli, A.J.(2007).The Starbucks experience: 5 Principles for Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary. McGraw-Hill. New York. Page 76


Susan moved to another store. Grumpy man, I don’t know where he was going, but i think, he was still at the old Starbucks store where Susan used to work. hahaha




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