5 Experiences Turned Startbucks to be Extraordinary

Source: Internet
Source: Internet

When I was in Jogjakarta in April, last year, I had encountered two types of the amazing coffee that I wished to taste it for long time. The first one is Lovak Coffee, the best premium coffee on earth and the second one is the Starbucks.

After drinking Starbucks, I always search for books which is written about the Starbucks’ business. Last month, I bought a book called ” 5 Experiences Turn Startbucks to be Extraodinary” at a local bookstore in Phnom Penh. It is not easy to look for international books in Phnom Penh. I were about to order this book from ebay, luckily it was exist locally.

I’ve spent two weeks to complete this whole books. Each pages, author describes how Starbucks staffs treat their costumers. For instance, the article that I excerpted from the this book in my previous post narrated about a local Starbucks’ staff made a commitment to make a serious face man to be a smiling face one. As result that staffs received a bunch of flowers from the serious face man when she moved to another Starbucks branch.

I don’t how many coffee shop’s owners in Cambodia, read this book and apply all these theories, but I believed that applicable to all coffee shops. I regularly spend my weekend at coffee shop such Brown, Costar, Gloria Jean. Their services are acceptable, but not satisfied enough. It is just my feeling.

After reading this books, I encourage the business owner especially for those who provides services to costumers should read this book. It provides a lot of good example which you can adopt to your services.

Hey! I am not an experts in Business, but I am a books geek. I just want to share a little knowledge of what i have encountered in the book to you.  But I believe that this book really help you.

” Miss a meal if you have to, but don’t miss a book” said Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur and motivator. 🙂 🙂





Do Something Nice for Someone Else – and Don’t Tell Anyone About It


Recently, I feel really frustrating over these stuffs: family, love, work, money, friendship etc. A moment when I have no one to consult with, I never forget to bring the books with me. It always gives a good suggestions. “មានសៀវភៅជាមិត្ត ដូចមានបណ្ឌិតជាគ្នា”​; however sometimes i prefer to have someone that i could talk to.

Let me share you one article which is extracted from this book(Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff). It could be guiding light for you and me. Enjoy!

“While many of us do nice things for others, we are almost certain to mention our acts of kindness to some else, secretly seeking their approval.

When we share our own niceness or generosity whit someone else, it make us feel like we are thoughtful people, it reminds us of how nice we are and how deserving we are of kindness.

While all acts of kindness are inherently wonderful, there is something even more magical about doing something thoughtful but mentioning it to no one, ever. You always feel good when give to others. Rather than diluting the positive feelings by telling others about our own kindness, by keeping it to yourself you get to retain all the positive feelings.

It’s really true that one should give for sake of giving, not to receive something in return. This is precisely what you are doing when you don’t mention your kindness to others. Your rewards are the warm feeling that comes from the act of giving. The next time you do something really nice for someone else, keep it to yourself and revel in the abundant joy of giving”.

Carlson, R. 1998. Don’t sweat over the small stuff: Simple ways to keep the little things from overtaking your life. Great Britain. Hooder & Stoughton