My Review: The New Digital Age

new digital age

Today I spent 47 USD for two books at the only store in Cambodia selling the original books. It was the biggest day of year and the biggest gifts for myself. I rewarded myself to welcome the year of 2015. It begins with the two books. The New Digital Age, The Project Management(by Economist)

Technology is booming in this current decades. The rising of computer, smart phone, smart medical treatment, etc have been bringing up a dramatic change in individual, business, health, education, states, terrorist, revolution .

During decade of year 2000, the number of people who have connection with internet increased from 350 million to more than 2.5 billion. At the same time the number of mobile phone user have increased from 750 millions to over 5 billion. The number can imply that almost all people around have access to mobile phone.

The boom of technology communication changes the behavior of individuals, communities and counties.

This book divides into parts ranking from techno-geography to techno-politics.

The writers have shared their in-deep though towards how technology changes the political situation, educations sector, youth empowerment etc, by giving his experiences during the process of writing this book.

Personally, after reading this book, it provides a thought how the technology has changed the world and how you as an individual be ready to adopt to this fast growing sectors. Even you are a technology geeks, technology has already transformed you. Accept this changes and change in a positive way.



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