The Decision Book: Models for Strategic Thinking


It took me around one hour to walk around the bookstore before I decided to buy a book. A moment I walked along the aisle of bookshelf I found the series of books co-written by Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschapperler. The Decision Book was the first publication of their series which consists of 8 books. Among them only the The Decision Book won the International Best Seller and I decided to buy it.

I’ve spent two weeks to complete this this books. Flipping from one page to another page, I was provided the profound messages with an easy and straightly explanation accompanied by graphics. This books provides instructions how to use this book and why should you read this book. This book is described by only six words – Simplify, Pragmatic, Sum up, Visual, Organize and Methods.

The Decision Book divides into four parts – How to improve yourself; How to understand yourself better; How to understand others better and How to improve other? The authors organized section chronologically ranging from self-organized to serving others.

This book was written in way that reader feel easy to understand. Sometimes  it makes the reader lost over the graphic explained. This book provides reader over 50 graphics which allow reader to have choices to work out on graphic which is applicable to their situations.

We make decisions every day. When it is overloaded, you will be easy getting fool in the juggle of problems. What we need is to structure them and to see through or get overview about them. Once our problems are structured, it is enable us to the solutions or to reduce the complexity of the situations.

I don’t say this book is perfectly written that allows us to deal with every situation that we are facing; however, it is a guiding light that help to pave our way and reduce the complexities of situations. And we should use other books and experiences to back up our model graphic in order to support our decision. It’s just a short review over this book.

I am going to write a review on the section of how to improve to yourself in the next post and provide some graphic which I believe it will help to get through some tough situation.


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