Being an Introvert

Being an introvert, I have more coffee than friends

Being an introvert, I have less friends, but I have best friends.

Being an introvert, I spend more time with myself than with the mass.

Being an introvert, I talk less, but I listen more.

Being an introvert, I do not like forcing or convincing, but self value.

Being an introvert, I like quietness and softness.

Being an introvert, I watch less, but I read more. (Not all introverts like reading)

Being  an introvert, I like helping others, but I rarely seek for other helps.

Totally, being an introverts, I am me. It is my nature. It is not wrong to be an introvert.

Don’t be confuse! An introvert can be extrovert, but it demands practices and learn to pretend to be an extrovert. Some introverts could manage to master this skill, but not all. You can read my review of book called ” Quiet” from my previous post. (Few things of Introverts)


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