The Pathway of Roses

There is abundance of hope in the world, but what we need is more faith. Everybody is hoping for better things; the poor hope to get rich, the sick hope to get well, the sad hope to gain happiness, the troubled hope to find peace, everybody is hoping for something.

When we are in bondage, or keenly realize our bondage, we hope that great deliverer will come; we pray that he may come, we hope that our our prayers will be answered and we are so absorbed in our hopes that we fail to hear him knocking the door even now.

To have hope is to face the door, but hope stands still; it never moves toward the door. To live in the hope is simply to face the great goal, but we may continue to face that great gaol for ages, and never move forward a step. To live in hope is to die in despair, because remains stationary, it never gain what it hope to gain.

But when faith begins, we remain stationary no more. We press on directly and with power toward the coveted, our hope are soon realized; our desire are granted; what we wish for for is withheld no more, through faith we have entered that world where every prayer is answer and every wish made true.
Christain D. Larson


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