A letter of a never get back

(Without editing, I hate to re-read and edite it again)


I marked my calendar on 15th of April, that I think it is my last chance to see and send you off to U.K. However, I believed that you will not be happy by seeing me and you already had your what you called Mr. Right to send you off. And I don’t want to shed tear in front of you and I don’t want your new relationship be interrupted by my present of your past. I really hate to see you with him, but he makes you more happy than me. I hate to see you with him but, he maybe could bring you on holiday to place where you want. I hate to see you with him, but may be he already had what you want and I am just at the starting point to building it. And I believe that your Mr. Right will help you to heal your headache and improve your dark moods. 

You have not told me the reasons and I am still waiting for the answer that you left me. And you are the only that made me question that were I that worthless? Have you seen my effort? Or may he proposed you first and what you said and promised is just a way of diplomatic that u didn’t want me to be upset. 

And I deserved all of it and I knew my weakness that i were unable to make stay with me. It is all painful lessons and it taught me a lot towards relationship. ” Feeling is Feeling “. And you told me that ” You cannot force your feeling to have feeling on me even we had been hang out quite often for a whole year “.

I really appreciated the time we had spent together. But we will never get back together again. You are now with your Mr. Right. And I am now building my ground.

“Don’t hate me, if I miss you sometimes”.

I hope your Mr. Right text you”Good morning, and Good Night, ah oun Gee” like I did for whole year. 

Wish you and your new journey very best of luck. 🙂

From your stranger,



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