About Me

971110_610539645645568_411581020_nIt is just my personal view of what I have encountered in everyday life. This person(me) who is the writer and owner of this blog is a media student who interested in media and other media related fields. It’s not enough for me who always hunger anything innovative, positive and creative. Being an entrepreneur, is my golden dream.

Starting journey of life, I don’t think it is easy. Metaphorically, life is mountaineers who always face struggles to reach the summit. The mountaineer have already set goals to reach the peak to see how wonderful of the world is, so do i.

My parents born me originally, and uniquely. I will use my originality and my uniqueness to reach my dream.

Let’s start the journey…,

oh! Ideally, I am eagerly interested in making a new friends.  I can be contacted via Facebook/Twitter(panhavionchin91@gmail.com).

Chin Panhavion.


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