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Pursat’s Brain Bank Officially Launched

Brain Bank, Pursat Unity Library, the second largest high school library
Brain Bank, Pursat Unity Library, the second largest high school library

Even, it was weekend, a lot of students in black and white uniform were flooding into school. It seemed like a weekend was working day. They were sitting in row of the arranged chairs to welcome the inauguration of BrainBank in their School. The BrainBank was beautifully decorated with blue and red.

There is no doubt that the big building has appeared in the middle of a place where it has been cultivating educations for Pursat-er for generations. The Pursat Unity Library(BrainBank) which is the second largest high school library in Cambodia was officially inaugurated on the 03 of Jan.2015. It locates in Pursat High School.

H.E Suy Sem, presided over the inauguration
H.E Suy Sem, presided over the inauguration

The ceremony was presided by H.E Suy Sem who is a minister of MME. He is the one who supports our activities ever since, because he is the one who were born and raised in Pursat province.

The Brain Bank initiated in 2013 by a group of former Pursat High School students who passionate in education. It was not the only projects.

We had conducted a series of fund raising campaigns in order to raise around $300,000 USD. It was very ambitious that make everyone say “wow”. It might be impossible.

We have turned the word “impossible” into “i’m possible”.

Because of having passion in education and having seen the need of education in our province, we strongly committed to make it happen.

One of our founder Mr. Rem Chandara said “Nothing Could Stop Us. They hunger for knowledge. So this is our duty to feed them and support our province back.”

As result, on the 8. March2013, we organized “189 Km Bike Riding Campaign” to start raising fund. We have caught a lot attention from many local and international media. Our activities have been reported in Radio France International, Voice of America, Voice of Democracy, Radio Free Asia, and other TV stations.

Promising Qualified Human Resource of Pursat
Promising Qualified Human Resource of Pursat

Mr. Sotheaboth, who is the one among a very committed and devoted of our team said that sleeping at around 2 a.m. was his habit at that time.

He added “sometimes we have to pawn our phone, some value things to get money to run riding project. Because of having a joint- ambitious goal to make the BrainBank happen, we have to do it. It is for the sake of education”.

” It was unpredictable and risky at that time.  We have only one hope that motivate us is to see the library happen” he said. It was really inspired by what he said.

After the Bike Riding Campaign was successfully organized, surprisingly we got full support from CNT to organized concert in our homeland to raise more with support H.E Suy Sem and Oknha Ket Meng.

The concert project materialized only a month after the Bike Riding Project complete.  We got a massive support from both individuals, private sectors.

After years long, the Pursat Unity Library (BrainBank) has been raising from the ground and becoming a raising star. The library contains around twenty thousand books. It opens 7 day a week during the working hour.

The efforts is priceless to our province. As result around twenties committed organizers got medal from the Royal Government of Cambodia over the tireless devotion. These medal does not represent the individuals. It represents unity of Pursat-er.

Le me with Brain Bank
Le me with Brain Bank